Types of Heating Oil

Heating Oil is commonly used for the heating of domestic and commercial premises. It
may also power a range of ovens such as an Aga, Rayburn, Esse or Stanley and is used in
homes and properties which aren't connected to the gas mains.

Heating Oil is also known as: Boiler Juice, Kerosene and 28 Second Burning Oil. At The Heating Oil Team we strive to offer the most competitive heating oil prices for our customers and we provide only the cleanest, high quality heating oil and our supplier runs the newest refinery in the country.

Heating oil prices are constantly fluctuating due to the fact that they are linked directly to the price of crude, therefore it is important that you get the most out of your home heating oil; The Heating Oil Team offers a range of additives to help our customers combat the rising heating oil prices... We supply our customers with the most competitive heating oil prices and a service which is second to none.


Over time and/or with heat and sunlight fuel reacts with the oxygen in the air, forming particles, these particles then fall to the bottom of your tank and over a period as small as a few months they grow to form sludge, the sludge is difficult to remove. The sludge can build up over years until it gets stirred up enough to block the line filters.

Additionally the sludge gets dragged through the lines and into your boiler, which then causes problems with your boiler, including prevention of build- ups of deposits in the pressure jet burner.

  • Why Should I 
    Choose KeroUltra?

    Lowers carbon and sludge build up

    Stabilises the fuel

    Keeps fuel fresher, LONGER!

    Reduces service problems

    Improves system efficiency

  • How does 
    KeroUltra work?

    KeroUltra cleans up dirty boilers, fuel systems and storage tanks

    Keeps existing clean systems clean and protects them

    Avoids regularly occurring problems with boilers, that you may not know is happening (because the boiler is still running)

    Doesn't change the Kerosene (heating oil) physical properties

    KeroUltra should not be used in conjunction with Aga style ovens


Our premium Aga fuel contains additives to help your oil-fired oven burn evenly and for longer. Our Kerosene supplier runs the newest refinery in the country and, subsequently, produces the cleanest, highest quality Kerosene available. However, Agas are notoriously sensitive and any changes in fuel, tank sludge or contamination can cause real problems. Our AgaMate is enhanced heating oil which helps eliminate this kind of problem, improving system efficiency and noticeably saving you money on your fuel bills and engineer call outs. AgaMate reduces the build-up of coke and soot on the burner assembly and helps to promote a more even burn, longer. In addition, AgaMate helps inhibit the formation of tank sludge, stabilises the fuel and keeps the fuel fresher for longer.

  • Why Should I 
    Choose AgaMate?

    Lowers carbon and deposit build-up

    Stabilises the fuel

    Inhibits sludge formation

    Keeps fuel fresher... LONGER!

    Reduces service problems

    Improves system efficiency

  • How does 
    AgaMate work?

    Chemically inhibits the formation of deposits and fuel ageing (oxidation) under high temperature or long term storage conditions

    Avoiding problems that regularly occur with vaporising boilers

    Keeping the burner running as it should

Relax, we’ve got everything covered

Unlike many comparison websites, we operate our own fleet directly from the oil refinery right through to the delivery point meaning we are in full control of the areas we cover!